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Meet the Teacher

What is your name?

My name is Lajeane Cooke.  I am a graduate of Oral Roberts University. 

What do you teach?

I teach the Elementary students. 

How many years have you taught at True Foundation?

I'm have taught here since 2019.

What do you appreciate most about the Principle Approach?

I love the intentional effort in connecting Biblical principles to every subject area. 

What do you see in your students that is most encouraging?

I love seeing the joy of accomplishment on their faces when they overcome something challenging and can notice their progress. 

Why do you love teaching at True Foundation?

I love their high expectation for excellence and holding the scholars accountable. They teach more than academics, but also responsibility for everyday life. I also love that parent involvement is a priority at True Foundation.  

How do you teach Biblical worldview in your classroom?

I try to connect real-life experiences as I teach and show how the history of the Bible and the principles of Jesus is still relevant now. The world is changing, but the Word of God does not! I encourage students, as we work together, to find how every area of science relates to God.

What do you think most students appreciate about your class?

I think they enjoy hands-on activities and interactive games the most. It makes it easier to grasp concepts. I think they also appreciate that I respond to their emails and questions when they need clarification on anything. 

What is unique about you, your talents, or interests that you bring to the class room?

I love the creative arts and try to incorporate them in my lessons depending on the topic or age group that I am working with. 

What have you seen in your students over the years that has touched your heart the most?

Their encouraging words to me verbally and in the form of letters or notes showing how much they appreciate all I do. Sometimes you question your impact as a teacher, and their words mean a lot. 

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