Meet the Teacher

What is your name?

Kisha Barber

Currently working towards a bachelor's degree and FACE Master Teacher Certification in the Principle Approach method

What do you teach?

I teach Math and History.

How many years have you taught at True Foundation?

I've been here for 4 years.

What do you appreciate most about the Principle Approach?

I appreciate that God is the foundation of education.

What do you see in your students that is most encouraging?

The love of God. It is so encouraging to see them ask for forgiveness when they do something they know is wrong.

Why do you love teaching at True Foundation?

I love teaching at True Foundation because I am learning along with the students. It is amazing to see what was omitted without God being the focus of what I was taught in public school.

How do you teach Biblical worldview in your classroom?

I use word studies and discussions to reinforce Biblical concepts in different subjects.

What do you think most students appreciate about your class?

They enjoy the word studies. One of my student's answers was... the teacher!

What is unique about you, your talents, or interests that you bring to the class room?

My humor. Also, I am a good listener and work with the students when they need help.

What have you seen in your students over the years that has touched your heart the most?

It amazes me how much hunger for learning is displayed through the perseverance of my students. They genuinely want to learn even when a concept or project is difficult.