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Principle Approach® Preschool
   Preschool at True Foundation is a unique experience!  Young pupils are introduced to the seeds of Principle Approach®.  The PA method is one that places the Bible at the center of learning, allowing the knowledge of God's Word to speak to each subject.  Christian self-government and God's principle of individuality are emphasized.  This is the beginning of laying a Biblical worldview foundation. 
"Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin"
(Zechariah 4:10, NLT).  


Pre-K Program at a Glance

Who - 4 years and old-potty trained

When - Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30 am-11:00 am

Preschool at True Foundation

     This is a precious and tender age that quickly passes away.  Preschool is still considered a nursery age where a child depends greatly upon their parent's nurture and instruction.  Because we believe this is so important we limit our preschool program to 2 days for 2.5 hours on Tuesday and Thursday.  What we offer for your small treasure is to come alongside you with instruction on the beginning stages of phonic training, number and letter recognition, beginning penmanship, teaching of seasons, days and months.  They will learn God's principle of individuality in the uniqueness of each of these.  They will also be introduced to biblical principles and patriotism at a basic level while learning the importance of Christian character in practical ways experienced in the classroom.  Since play is still an important aspect of development at this age, they will also have time for this during their school day. Christian self-government lessons will be applied throughout their day through learning and play time.  


How to Apply

  • Call to schedule your educational consultation

  • Complete the online application, submit your pastor's recommendation

  • Interview

  • Complete Enrollment Documents/Diagnostic Testing/FACTS account/Apply for Financial Aid

  • Return all necessary (signed) enrollment documentation with 10% down of the tuition

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