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Welcome to the Generation Rescue Scholarship Presentation!

We are so disappointed that we cannot be with you in person to share our exciting opportunity to change children's lives. However, we appreciate that you have joined us here to participate in laying the foundation for lasting change by returning to the principles and values which made America a great beacon of light to other nations. Any lasting change occurs through our posterity, who will carry what we teach them beyond the scope of our short existence and shape the nation through the lives they lead and people they touch.  

Please enjoy the video presented below and consider what part you will play in shaping future generations. 

True Foundation is a subsidiary of Real Church, Inc. Thusly, all contributions also fall under the protection and accountability of Real Church, Inc. Operating under the protection of the church prevents many harmful and liberal government mandates and intrusions which would undermine the principles we instill in our pupils. We operate free of discrimination without the aid of government intervention or guidelines because that is what we believe is right, not to meet a bureaucratic quota.

315 S. Sheridan Road, Tulsa OK 74112
 Call for more Info 1-800-422-5281

Thank You For Participating In America's Reclaimation

We appreciate your interest in and support of True Foundation and the Generation Rescue Scholarship Fund. If you enjoyed this video, we have included two others below that will help further explain the obstacles we face in reaching children that have been subjected to public education, as well as some of the arguments the left and liberal establishment use to downplay and undermine common sense and rational ideas. Feel free to browse the rest of our website to discover more about True Foundation, The Principle Approach® and the people that make it all happen.

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