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Financial Aid and FACTS

At True Foundation, we work hard to make the best quality education available for everyone. That being said, not everyone wants to pay their best for their children's education. Every family deals with its own unique set of circumstances and genuinely has a limit to the cost they can afford. To remedy any imbalance in cost to income, True Foundation implemented two important steps. 

The first step we have taken is to initiate the Generation Rescue Scholarship Fund. This fund provides financial aid to families that cannot otherwise pay for tuition by supplying scholarships to students and families. 


The second step protects the Generation Rescue Scholarship Fund, requiring all families to sign up through FACTS, a third-party organization that evaluates applicants for scholarships and assesses a family's actual ability to meet the financial obligations of tuition and, impartially, makes subsequent recommendations to True Foundation concerning scholarships. 


True Foundation wants you to be able to afford a quality, Biblical, classical, and historically sound education for your children and grandchildren. With Generation Rescue Scholarship Fund and FACTS, it doesn't have to be impossible to invest in the best. The seeds of liberty and self-government are not purchased cheaply or just with money. The rewards to our Christian American heritage are invaluable.

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