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"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."

~Thomas Jefferson~

True Foundation Changes Lives

     My daughter loved to learn from the time she was small. I'm fortunate that I had extra time with her in the early years. True Foundation Learning Center has given me much support & confidence that God can truly use anyone for His will. My daughter began with True Foundation in 2015. Throughout her educational experience, she hasn't always excelled, however, for the most part, she's exceeded many other's expectations. True Foundation has been very patient with me as a single parent for the first 3years I had my daughter enrolled. I wasn't able to always pay as much as needed, however, they did all they could to see my daughter succeed. Although I made the hard decision to place her in alternative education (using a charter school, then a public school) I never wanted the departure from True Foundation to be permanent. I'm extremely thankful that this school worked with me multiple times throughout the years during financial struggles, & provided support in many ways. I was ecstatic to afford the tuition this year with the partnership & support of my husband. I can't express in words how much their help & Christ-centered curriculum has benefitted my family. They have taught me to have confidence in God's choice to bless me with a daughter like mine, value her as a treasure, & help her achieve her fullest potential through Christ & through a stable & relevant F.A.C.E. approach. Teaching my daughter had a domino effect on my family as we all learned the importance and meaning of self-government. They have shown my daughter and our family that ALL things are possible with God and they nurture God-given potential while promoting self-government, self-pacing, determination, and productivity. I have no doubt my daughter will excel throughout the remainder of her education and career as long as she continues with True Foundation. I wish they had more locations, however, I'm very grateful they have the one in Tulsa. This school has taught me the importance of a good education as defined by Noah Webster, not stopping in the school but in every area of life. I said a lot however I don't think it does True Foundation due justice as to how much of a blessing they have been to not only my daughter but to all my family. A sincere thank you for everything and praying for opportunities to help bring forth more places like this one across the country. Always in my prayers, sincerely,

BritTonia Wright

Parent of TF Student

     I just wanted to let you how True Foundation has impacted my children and my life. Years ago my children went to public school and they learned absolutely nothing! When they started True Foundation, they were at an age they should have known a lot more than they did. They couldn’t even write complete sentences. They could barely read or even sound out words! I’m very grateful for the teachers and staff. Not only are my children learning how to read spell do math, and write full sentences, their Christian character is growing. I have seen such a huge change in all my children! Thank you True Foundation!

Rebecca Johnson

Parent of TF Students

     True Foundation has helped me reach my full potential. I am still learning and growing in my academics but it is helping me spiritually as well. I am learning how to love God as well as others and surround myself with positive influences who are like-minded. I am thankful for all the teachers here and the skills that they have. I love how they push us to become our very best in everything we do and also encourage us to fight for our faith in the world outside the school. God is so good and abundant in our lives and he has blessed this facility immensely. 

     I started my career at a public school. It was a terrible experience between all the testing, huge class sizes, constant curriculum change, and restrictions. I felt very alone. It is like it sucked all my love for teaching out of me. When I started True Foundation I experienced the exact opposite.  I love coming to work everyday! I feel part of a team where my voice is valued. I love being able to talk about God when I teach and watch my students grow! True Foundation helped me find my love of teaching again!

Talisha Smith

TF Teacher

     As a grandparent of two little girls, I'm taken back by the way the girls are growing in True Foundation. They are 4 & 5 and enjoy going to school and coming to my house to tell me what they learned. They also ask Mom & Dad, "Are we going to church?" They are learning to be helpers and also clean up. Their word they say a lot is "sharing is caring." They are learning math and reading books (or should I say, trying). I have to say, the way the schools are going now, I could not see my babies in public schools. Thank you, True Foundation, for starting a school like this.

Milly Stanley

TF Grandparent

     Four years ago, I started as a volunteer and didn't know or understand what the Principle Approach was. Over the course of being here, I'm learning and still learning that God is the Foundation of education. He gives us His Biblical principle, Proverbs 1:2 - "To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding." With this, I'm able to understand what I'm reading when it comes to His Word. When I teach History, I'm learning with the children because when I was in school, we didn't learn how God has His hand in everything. In math, God's hand is in every number and problem we see. I just want to thank True Foundation for what you are teaching me and the children that go here.

Kisha Barber

TF Teacher


TF Student

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