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Who Are We?

True Foundation is a Pre K-12 Christian School serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Family oriented, our Biblical, Classical method is rooted in the Principle Approach® which instills a love for learning and the understanding that patriotic liberty can only be found through Christian character.

Heading 6

  I Want To Enroll

   True Foundation offers many choices concerning enrollment. We are thrilled to assist you in enrolling your most precious treasures and instilling in them the principles which will benefit and guide them for  the rest of their lives. Follow the links below to find out more about the enrollment process.


 Is TF Right For Me?

   Are you unsure if True Foundation is the right place for your family? Follow the links below for information about how True Foundation began, and why we use the  Principle Approach® Method to educate our students. 


 Biblical vs "Traditional"

   In the age of "enlightenment," using the Bible as the primary text book in all subjects must surely condemn students to a sub-standard education, right? No one would think of taking this form of education seriously, would they? Find out why a Biblically based, Principle Approach education is superior to the "scientific" approach adopted by public or even liberal arts schools.


What People Are Saying About True Foundation?

Not only are my children learning to read, spell, do math, and write full sentences, their Christian character is growing. I have seen a huge change in all my children. 


I love how they push us to become our very best in everything we do and also encourage us to fight for our faith in the world outside the school.


They have shown my daughter and our family that ALL things are possible with God and they nurture God-given potential while promoting self-government, self-pacing, determination, and productivity.