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Who Are We?

True Foundation is a K4-12 Christian Covenant School serving Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Family oriented, our Biblical, Classical method is rooted in the Principle Approach® which instills a love for learning and the understanding that patriotic liberty can only be found through Christian character.

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   True Foundation offers many choices concerning enrollment, including à la carte single classes. We are thrilled to assist you in the admissions process for your most precious treasures and instill in them the principles which will benefit and guide them for the rest of their lives. Follow the link below to learn more.


Education Method

   Are you unsure if True Foundation is the right place for your family? Follow the link below to learn about the timeless Principle Approach® Method we use to educate students and our commitment to the Noah Covenant.


Portrait of a Graduate



  • Biblical Worldview

  • Christian Character & Intellect

  • Life Skills

  • Love of Country 

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2024-2025 School Tours


Our Head of School will introduce you to our current staff and students, walking you through a brief tour of our history, classes, and facility. 



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  DEC.1, 2024!

  Biblical Worldview    -    Christian Character     -     Intellect     -     Life Skills    -     Love of Country 

Fulfilling the


to raise up Godly generations...

through Biblical Classical


What People Are Saying About True Foundation

I have had my granddaughter enrolled as a student in True Foundation Christian School for 6 years. I have nothing but positive to say about this school.  I have been an Oklahoma Certified Teacher for 30 years and find this school to be one of excellence.  The school and teachers promote Godliness as well as academia. The individuality given the students in a classroom setting is first rate.  

Not only are my children learning reading, spelling, and math...their Christian character is growing. I have seen a huge change in all my children. 


I love how they push us to become our very best in everything we do and also encourage us to fight for our faith in the world outside the school.


Pupils are admitted without discrimination on the basis of race, color, biological sex, national, or ethnic origin.

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